A Trip to Antarctica, and a Trip Down the Block

I hope you were able to come to the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park on Saturday afternoon.  The presentation by composer and acoustic ecologist Doug Quin was incredible!

Doug has made several trips to Antarctica to make recordings.  He describes his experiences as almost otherworldly – there is no reference in our lives that can prepare us for the environment there.  Reading from some of his journals, he also invited us to close our eyes as we listened to some of the remarkable recordings he had made.

The calls of the Weddell seals seemed as though they were from a science fiction film, and Doug described spending his night in a tent, feeling the vibrations of their calls under his boots through eight feet of ice.  As we listened to the sounds of Emperor penguins, he spoke of their curiosity, and the one who sat next to him for almost an hour just . . . being.  We heard leopard seals, orcas, a wind-harp, and a herbie (hurricane blizzard) recorded from inside a massive empty fuel tank.  We even heard the “echoes” of lightning strikes across the globe via the radio receiver at Palmer Station.  And while I can list all of these things, I can’t possibly communicate to you the breathtaking awe of it all.

We left the Art Park and headed back to the center of Cazenovia for the Art Walk Reception.  Visitors from Michigan, California, New York City, Ithaca, and a 70-mile radius of Cazenovia gathered in St. Peter’s Hall for hors d’oeuvres and talked about the marvelous artwork on display around the area.

There was more than just food and chat, however.  Violinist Mili Fernandez and pianist Sar Shalom Strong provide music to please the ears, and mixed media artist Barbara Kellogg and sculptor Tom Huff showed their individual artistry, creating works during the reception.  What an amazing opportunity to converse with artists as they create!  Two young men were so enamored of Tom’s work that he gave them pieces of soapstone and instruction on the spot, as they began to create their own works.

Of all the events at Cazenovia Counterpoint, I think this is perhaps the ultimate expression of the integral nature of art in our lives.  Musicians, visual artists, and aficionados all gather together . . . simply to enjoy the shared experience.

Sculptor Tom Huff
Sculptor Tom Huff at the Art Walk Reception

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