Funding New Music

This Kickstarter campaign for my Three Songs recording and performance has me thinking a LOT about money recently.  (Surprised?  Didn’t think so.)  As of this post, I have 23 backers, and I truly can’t thank them enough for showing their support and belief in this project.

I’ve also had LOTS of folks sharing, and talking, and giving me moral support.  Which is appreciated.  But what I need is backers.

If every backer pledged $25 – that’s another 168 backers.

With 6 days to go.

That’s a pretty big climb.

I’m not discouraged.  I have faith that people really do want to hear new classical music, live and recorded.  And I’m trying every way I can think of to spread the word.  (Short of hiring a skywriter – if I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t be asking you to pitch in, would I?)

It has forced me to think more creatively, though.  Not only about this CD project, but about marketing myself in general.  Because composers (like so many artists) are earning less and less through their music.  According to this article, “composers are producing more for less money, while also having to find other means of generating a significant income.”

I’ve been brainstorming, trying to come up with creative ways to combat that.  And you’ll see more things here, and on my website and Facebook pages, as I work on getting more music out there.

But for now – and the rest of this week – I’ll be focusing on my CD release.  And asking you to help.

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