2016 Already?!?

Wow!  That year just flew by!  I can't believe I'm sitting here, minutes before midnight, looking back on the whirlwind that was 2015. I must confess that most of my previous "whirlwind years" have been primarily due to hardships - illness, financial struggles, and so on.  But this past year has been verrrrry different! This … Continue reading 2016 Already?!?


My New Reality Show

I've often thought of pitching a reality show that follows a composer around in their day-to-day activities.  I mean a real reality show, with the person in the career they had long before the reality show started.  Something you know they'll still be doing long after it ends. Then I realize what the show would … Continue reading My New Reality Show

Three Songs Re-launch

I love September.  In many ways, it feels like a re-birth to me.  Rehearsals start up again for Samba Laranja and the CNY Flute Choir.  The concert season begins in earnest for most music and arts organizations.  Days are breezy, nights are wonderfully cool, leaves are showing the first signs of turning.  It's as though … Continue reading Three Songs Re-launch

Finding Stillness

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I am making a more dedicated effort toward listening.  I'm discovering (and re-discovering) a lot of works in my CD library, and in future postings I'll be providing links to the various recordings I've enjoyed. This week, though, I took some time to listen to the APM podcast … Continue reading Finding Stillness

360 Degrees of Inspiration

I can see that the real joy in the coming year will be in discovery. While I am happy in the way my music already manifests, I don't want to become stagnant, a one-trick pony whose music is instantly recognizable because you have heard the exact same line over and over again. Certainly a big … Continue reading 360 Degrees of Inspiration

Thirteen in ’13

I've committed myself to a big project. I don't have funding, I don't have a commission, I'm not even sure how it will ultimately manifest itself. But this is something that's been rattling around in my head for quite some time, and I realize I need to either fish or cut bait. So I'm fishing. … Continue reading Thirteen in ’13

So, Who’s Your Favorite Composer?

It's a question I am often asked.  Tell someone you are a musician, or composer, or in any way affiliated with music, and inevitably that comes up.  I used to struggle with the answer, but now it just comes trippingly off of my tongue:  ME! Yes, I know it sounds egotistical and a tad arrogant.  … Continue reading So, Who’s Your Favorite Composer?