Rolling Into 2018

New Year's Eve is here once again, and I have just enough down time today to reflect on this past year.  Free time is a bit of a rarity for me recently! A lot of positive things have come to fruition this year.  "Dreamcatcher" was released in July (you can hear it here, or purchase … Continue reading Rolling Into 2018


And the Calendar Takes Another Turn

I admit, I've been neglecting my blog.  It's been an incredibly busy year, and I haven't had a lot of time to reflect.  But it's New Year's Day, and I'm fighting the start of a cold, so it seems the perfect opportunity to take it easy and catch up on a few things.  Including the … Continue reading And the Calendar Takes Another Turn

The Evolution of a Website

Today is an exciting day.  Today marks the launch of the completely redesigned Pet Dragon Music website.  This update has been a lot of fun, because, for the first time, I worked with a designer.  All I needed to do was tell her what I wanted, and then it was up to Lisa Wright (of … Continue reading The Evolution of a Website

Thirteen in ’13

I've committed myself to a big project. I don't have funding, I don't have a commission, I'm not even sure how it will ultimately manifest itself. But this is something that's been rattling around in my head for quite some time, and I realize I need to either fish or cut bait. So I'm fishing. … Continue reading Thirteen in ’13

Another Premiere! And the title is . . .

Something is happening tomorrow that hasn't happened to me before.  The West Genesee Middle School Band is premiering a new piece, one that I've been working on with them throughout the school year. If you check out some of my older posts (here and here) you'll get some idea of the fun we've had so … Continue reading Another Premiere! And the title is . . .

Squee! – Why we need Arts in the Schools

If you read my earlier post or my website, you know that I’m working with the 8th grade band at a local middle school.  It has been an absolute joy!  The band director has been wonderfully communicative, giving me great feedback on each revision of the score to be sure it is just right for … Continue reading Squee! – Why we need Arts in the Schools

A Common Ground for Music

If you've looked on my website recently, you'll know that I have a work due for premiere in January, 2011 by an outstanding group, Melomanie.  They had the opening performance of their season last night at the Blue Ball Barn in Wilmington, DE, joined by guest artists Christof Richter, violin, and Chris Braddock, guitar/mandolin, and … Continue reading A Common Ground for Music