When Things Come Together

It's an exciting time!  Rehearsals for the 2014-15 concert season have started, the Brazilian ensemble has had two performances in the last week, with two more scheduled for this week.  The flute choir repertoire is set after our reading session last week, and rehearsals start in earnest next week. And CDs! Last night I got … Continue reading When Things Come Together

Three Songs Re-launch

I love September.  In many ways, it feels like a re-birth to me.  Rehearsals start up again for Samba Laranja and the CNY Flute Choir.  The concert season begins in earnest for most music and arts organizations.  Days are breezy, nights are wonderfully cool, leaves are showing the first signs of turning.  It's as though … Continue reading Three Songs Re-launch

A Kickstarter Summary

It's official.  My Kickstarter campaign did not get funded. Needless to say, I’m disappointed.  And poorer in the end, of course, since I'll be paying for it all myself now.  But what I really am is incredibly disheartened. I realize I’ve never been a social guru.  I was never part of the “popular” crowd in … Continue reading A Kickstarter Summary

Funding New Music

This Kickstarter campaign for my Three Songs recording and performance has me thinking a LOT about money recently.  (Surprised?  Didn't think so.)  As of this post, I have 23 backers, and I truly can't thank them enough for showing their support and belief in this project. I've also had LOTS of folks sharing, and talking, … Continue reading Funding New Music

Musical Webs

I had a long career in the business world before leaving it behind to pursue a career as a composer.  One thing I discovered - and pretty quickly - is just how small the musical community is.  It's like a spiderweb, each strand connecting to many others in ways that are sometimes unexpected. I find … Continue reading Musical Webs

What Are You Listening To?

You would think that, as a composer, I'd have music on almost constantly.  For me, the opposite is true.  I keep the radio turned on overnight, and as I get up in the mornings, but other than that, there's not a lot of music playing. There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, I … Continue reading What Are You Listening To?

A Firey Premiere – FireDance!

It's a late posting, but I have to rave, rave, rave over the outstanding job done by Mélomanie with FireDance, the work they commissioned from me for this season.  A very modern work, but written to be performed on Baroque instruments, I confess I demanded significant flexibility from each member of the group.  But they … Continue reading A Firey Premiere – FireDance!