My New Reality Show

I've often thought of pitching a reality show that follows a composer around in their day-to-day activities.  I mean a real reality show, with the person in the career they had long before the reality show started.  Something you know they'll still be doing long after it ends. Then I realize what the show would … Continue reading My New Reality Show

On New Year’s Eve

Here we are at the end of yet another year.  It seems 2014 has flown by so quickly!  But it's been a good year.  If I had to put my feelings at this moment into a single sentence, it would be this:  I had a ton of fun in 2014, and I am looking forward … Continue reading On New Year’s Eve

The Year So Far

Why so long between posts?  Well, it’s been a busy 2014 so far, and it’s looking to get busier! I’ve been incredibly fortunate to participate in some great collaborations so far this year.  In March, Rob Bridge and Jennifer Vacanti shared their percussion skills in premiering “Rhythmody” for Vision of Sound.  They gave three performances, … Continue reading The Year So Far

Many Thanks for a Great Premiere!

The West Genesee Middle School 8th Grade Band had their concert last night (combined with the WG High School Symphonic Band).  Wow Oh Wow!  The students did a fantastic job with the premiere! This has been a challenge for them.  In order for them to get a clear idea of the composition process, they had … Continue reading Many Thanks for a Great Premiere!

Another Premiere! And the title is . . .

Something is happening tomorrow that hasn't happened to me before.  The West Genesee Middle School Band is premiering a new piece, one that I've been working on with them throughout the school year. If you check out some of my older posts (here and here) you'll get some idea of the fun we've had so … Continue reading Another Premiere! And the title is . . .

Squee! – Why we need Arts in the Schools

If you read my earlier post or my website, you know that I’m working with the 8th grade band at a local middle school.  It has been an absolute joy!  The band director has been wonderfully communicative, giving me great feedback on each revision of the score to be sure it is just right for … Continue reading Squee! – Why we need Arts in the Schools

Music On The Wall

A while ago, I tossed out a quick sentence about putting some music "up on the wall."  I promised that I would give you a post to let you know just what that meant - and here it is! Every composer is unique, and each has their own preferred way of working.  I can't tell … Continue reading Music On The Wall