Learning How to Ask

I discovered something during my time in public radio.  I'm pretty good at begging for money! Twice a year we had a pledge drive, and teamed up in pairs to ask our listeners to pledge their support to the station.  We had hourly goals, and almost every time, whether I was the host or the … Continue reading Learning How to Ask


Mass Appeal?

One nice thing about working at the radio station is that I get to do my own programming.  We have a library of almost 11,000 CDs, and I'm always discovering works or performances that surprise and delight me.  But there is a challenge inherent in programming, which is making sure the works I choose are … Continue reading Mass Appeal?

The People You’ll Meet!

I'm extremely happy and fortunate to be able to devote enough of my time to call myself a full-time composer.  I do have a part-time job, though.  I am the weekend announcer (and frequent weekday substitute) on classical music station WCNY-FM here in Syracuse.  I get paid (not a lot, mind you - it is … Continue reading The People You’ll Meet!